English Learner Services Department is Hosting Parent/Guardian Webinars

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The English Learner Services Department is hosting a series of three parent webinars for parents/guardians of English Learners. The webinars are offered in English and Spanish! The webinars will cover the following topics: addressing the needs of English Learners in Remote Teaching & Learning, supporting student routines, schedules and learning environment at home, and using Rosetta Stone to accelerate English Language Development in Grades 2-12th.

Important Annual Updates: Families Must Complete Before August 19th

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As with each new school year, there are required Annual Updates that must be completed by parents/guardians in August, prior to the first day of instruction. Families that are new to CVUSD in 2020-2021 will also need to complete the Annual Updates. We are pleased to be able to provide all Annual Updates information including required acknowledgments and permissions within the Q-Parent Connect Portal this year.

Lottery System to Determine Cohort "A" or Cohort "B" Placement

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Due to the high number of parent/student requests for the morning or “A” Cohort, the District will institute a lottery system for student placement, as an equal, or as near possible, distribution of students by cohort is necessary as school sites build schedules and assign classes and teachers.  Therefore, the District will use a web based random number generator to accomplish this task. 

Message from the Superintendent: Important Change to Start of School Year and Reopen Plan

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This is not an easy message to write. I, like so many of you, have been planning and hoping that our school district would be in a position to safely reopen all of our campuses on August 19th for our students and teachers to begin the 2020-2021 school year with the option for in-person teaching and learning. Our community relies on us. Our campuses provide safe places for students to spend their days, learn key skills and grow as well-rounded individuals. We recognize that there are countless benefits to students participating in on-campus learning. There is nothing we want more than to restore these physical communities of learning for our students. However, as parents, educators, community members and leaders, we know every decision we make includes risks and rewards. With the ongoing rise of COVID-19 cases, the health and safety of our students, staff, families and the broader Conejo community remains paramount. This health, safety and overall well-being of our community is something we cannot and will not take a gamble on.