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California's New Accountability Model & School Dashboard Debuts First Official Results

The California Department of Education has released the first official statewide results on its new, online accountability and improvement system – the California School Dashboard. This accountability system was piloted to the public last spring, and provides a wealth of information to assist parents, educators, and the public in evaluating schools and districts.

The California School Dashboard is designed to help communities across the state access important information about K–12 districts and schools. The Dashboard website features easy-to-read reports on multiple measures of school success, including test scores, graduation rates, English learner progress and suspension rates.

“CVUSD is invested in providing systems of academic support to help students not just meet, but exceed the academic expectations set forth by the state of California,” said Dr. Jennifer Boone, Director of Curriculum and Assessment. “The California School Dashboard provides framework for the general public to more easily measure CVUSD’s growth in achievement across a variety of metrics, giving transparency to how the District is continually evolving to meet students’ overall needs.”

The Dashboard is part of California's new school accountability system based on 2013's Local Control Funding Formula. It is the next step in a series of major shifts in public education that have raised the bar for student learning, transformed testing and placed the focus on equity for all students.

New to the Dashboard this fall is a feature that allows the public to easily compare schools and districts.

Additionally, it is important to note that Chronic Absenteeism, an indicator in the Dashboard, will not have a color associated with it until May of 2018.

To view the California School Dashboard and to learn more about California's accountability and continuous improvement efforts, click here.


Why a new system and new tool?

The Dashboard is a key part of California's and the Conejo Valley Unified School District’s commitment to transparency and continuous improvement. California's future success depends on tapping into the potential of all students, so they graduate ready for college, careers and life. For schools to reach this goal, teachers, parents and the community need clear and useful measures of progress. As an accountability tool, the Dashboard will help the state identify schools and districts needing targeted assistance.

What’s different?

In the past, accountability systems for districts and schools relied solely on test scores. But one test taken on one particular day doesn't provide a complete picture of all the ways schools are helping students succeed. The Dashboard provides information on different aspects of student performance, which will give a more complete picture of a school’s progress. The Dashboard also reports on growth to show a school’s trajectory over time.

Notably there are three key concepts to the development of the Dashboard. First, the California School Dashboard is comprised of multiple measures and does not rely exclusively on test scores. Second, the dashboard focuses on equity and includes detailed data about student and school performance broken down into sub-groups of students. And third, the Dashboard supports local decision-making by making data easy to understand for schools and communities and supports the existing Local Control Funding Formula and Local Control Accountability Plans for each school district.

To learn more about how the Dashboard will use multiple measures, focus on equity and provide support for local decision-making click here.


To view the California Department of Education’s California School Dashboard website visit:


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