Contact Information

Amber Bowman
Coordinator, Student Support Services
(805) 497-9511 x3323

Letty Garcia
Secretary, Student Support Services
(805) 497-9511 x3320


Welcome to Foster/Homeless Care Information

CVUSD ensures that students in temporary living situations have full and equal opportunity to succeed in school.

  • During COVID-19 related school closures, we are pleased to provide these supports to our foster and homeless students and families:
    • Technology and WiFi access
    • Meals
    • School supplies through the Conejo Closet
    • Access to community resources (e.g. baby supplies, childcare, food banks, housing)
  • We also recognize that temporary housing situations might result in increased feelings of stress, anxiety, depression or other emotions that can be difficult to cope through. CVUSD offers a continuum of social-emotional supports and services and we encourage you to look here to obtain resources and support.

Should the need for additional supports and resources be needed, please contact Ms. Amber Bowman, Coordinator.