Testing Preparation Resources

The study guides consist of reviewing content topics contained within the test materials, thereby allowing you the opportunity to study similar materials prior to participating in the test.

The sample tests allow you to practice taking a test that is similar in topic and content prior to actually taking the test. The items on the sample test are NOT on the actual tests; however, the items are similar in content and level of difficulty.


  • This site has an extensive Link Library. After clicking the initial link, from the dropdown menu Links, click: Test Practice and Study Materials - Various Sites.
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Clerical Aptitude Test

Test Preparation - LA County

  • Basic Arithmetic
  • Clerical
  • Data Interpretation
  • This site contains study Guides and test preparation
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Electrician English-Reading/Writing
  • This site contains many spelling, language and grammar quizzes.
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  • This site has vocabulary and grammar practice tests.
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  • This site has grammar quizzes.
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  • This site has vocabulary quizzes.
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Food Service
  • This site is the US Food and Drug Administration site. It contains information on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.
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  • This site contains lessons and worksheets to assist students in learning or re-learning algebra
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  • This site gives tips on painting and has a short quiz.
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Paraprofessional (Instructional Assistant)
  • This study guide will aid you in studying for the math portion of the Paraprofessional written examination given in this District. The examination also includes questions on Language Arts and Ability to Assist in Instruction. By reviewing this information you will be better prepared for the math portion of the examination.
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  • This site has a plumbing repair guide.
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