Secondary School Information


The CVUSD Child Nutrition Department has teamed up with Domino’s Pizza to include their Smart Slice pizza on our lunch menus for middle school and high school students every Monday and Thursday.  The pizza is delivered hot and fresh to the schools right before the lunch break begins.  This pizza is not only delicious, it meets all of the nutritional requirements of the National School Lunch Program!  The students receive the pizza slice and all side dishes to make a complete meal at no charge!

Our 2021-2022 menus include many of the student’s favorite hot meals:  Bacon Cheeseburger, Mandarin Orange Chicken, Chicken Nuggets, Double Double Burger, Spicy Chicken Burger, and more.  All items on the student menu meet the USDA nutritional guidelines and provide a healthy meal for students.

For students who want to grab a great meal quickly, cold “Grab and Go” meals are available for fast service.  These include a variety of entrees:  Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich, Chicken Salad Sandwich, Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Chicken Caesar Wrap, and PBJ Sandwich.  They include all of the side dishes and a beverage to make a complete meal.

REMEMBER!  All students can receive meals at no charge this entire school year!  We will still have an ala carte menu that students will be able to order from, but they must pay for the ala carte items they order.