Nature Abound: CVUSD Outdoor School 2018

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Over the next seven weeks sixth grade students from across the Conejo will hop on buses and head to the Santa Monica Mountains for three and a half days of learning about the environment at CVUSD’s Outdoor School. There are no classrooms and no desks at Outdoor School, instead students learn about the environment with nature hikes and activities that focus on the California State Standards for 6th grade science.

Congratulations Jacqueline Meir - our February Teacher of the Month!

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In a surprise celebration on Tuesday, February 13th Jacqueline Meir of Los Cerritos Middle School received the February Teacher of the Month recognition award! Ms. Meir is a veteran English teacher with 22.5 years as a teacher at Los Cerritos Middle School and 23.5 years total as a teacher with the District.