Homeschool and Educational Programs Consultant position

Homeschool and Educational Programs Consultant position

CVUSD is seeking to employ a Homeschool and Educational Programs Consultant to extend a service to our community, students and parents who are exploring the option of homeschooling, personalized learning strategies and site-level programs. 

The ideal candidate will: 

Have directly participated in homeschooling for a minimum of three (3) years, and have a track record of success; Possess a breadth of knowledge pertaining to statutory regulations of the State of California law as it pertains to homeschooling; be familiar with the school district's homeschool and other academic programs. Be well versed in K-12 curriculum and be able to assist in planning, selecting, and developing the homeschool curricula for a diverse student and parent populations; Understand child and adult learning theory in order to assess and advice on child's preferred learning styles and customize the curriculum. Offer expertise on personalized/individuated learning programs within the District. A degree in areas of Education, Marketing and/or a related field.

Qualified Applicants can apply for the position online through 7/7/19 4:00 PM at

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