Teacher Linda Gomberg Receives CVUSD's "Teacher of the Year 2019" Award
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Teacher Linda Gomberg Receives CVUSD's "Teacher of the Year 2019" Award

Last night, Linda Gomberg received the Teacher of the Year Award at the Tuesday, June 4th Board of Education Meeting, with family, friends and colleagues in attendance. Linda Gomberg, of Be Me Preschool received the September Teacher of the Month recognition award last year. She was honored again last night, as the 2019 recipient of Teacher of the Year.

Ms. Gomberg is a veteran in the classroom with 24 years and counting as an instructor with CVUSD. Ms. Gomberg was honored by her colleagues, as well as parents, who spoke about the difference she has made in their--and their children's lives. Ms. Gomberg spoke at the event saying she values her work and it is a collaborative effort with all her team mates that makes this work such a success. She also stated that she likes to keep in touch with families well after they leave the program, celebrating their milestones and achievements. 

Each month, a new Teacher of the Month is recognized through CVUSD and the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce. At the end of the school year, one of the recipients is recognized as the Teacher of the Year. We are pleased to congratulate Ms. Gomberg on her achievements throughout her varied career, affecting so many lives in such a positive manner. 

Thank you for all your hard work and efforts Ms. Gomberg--we congratulate you!

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