CVUSD Spotlight for May: Educators, Staff & Students Highlighted by YOU!

CVUSD Spotlight for May: Educators, Staff & Students Highlighted by YOU!

Last March, we launched an online submission form where you can share information with us about a CVUSD educator, administrator, staff member, student, student group, club, team or community partnership that has made a special impact on you or your student. It’s called “Shine a Spotlight,” and we are proud to share some of the submissions we have received this month!

"I would like to shine a spotlight on Mrs. Ley of Wildwood Elementary. My child enjoys the kind, calm, and engaging classroom environment she has created. And I appreciate how she takes the time to communicate with me about my child’s progress. But my favorite thing about Mrs. Ley is how she speaks to my child - in a way that is both direct and kind - and how it reassures me that my child is well cared for while at school. We couldn’t have asked for a better kindergarten experience!" – Samantha, parent at Wildwood Elementary.

"Tasha Spangler makes her students the best version of themselves. She boosts their confidence while educating them in and out of the classroom. She shows them respect and kindness and in return they show her the same. She’s an outstanding teacher." -- Ashley, parent at Westlake Elementary.

"Charity Britton was my daughters 1st grades teacher 8 years ago. Things she taught her then she still uses today. Ms. Britton’s zest for teacher and her amazing way to push students to do their best but not cause them stress is one of her many gifts. She makes learning exciting. She truly cares about her students. Thankfully we still get to see her as she tutors my younger daughter. Our family has benefited so much from her teaching as have many others." – Parent at Ladera Stars Academy.

"Kelly Lovenson is a caring teacher that always gives a hug to her students. My daughter had a tough time at drop off in kindergarten and cried almost everyday. Mrs Lovenson’s would hug her and make her feel better. Now my 2nd grade still chooses to spend her recess time going back into Mrs. Lovenson’s classroom to help and or just to get a few extra minutes around a teacher she adores." – Ashley, parent at Westlake Elementary.

"Mrs. Rolniak - She is a phenomenal choral teacher and an amazing champion of every single one of her students. She has given our daughter so much confidence and has helped her cultivate a passion." – Amanda, parent at Westlake High.

"Mrs. Anita Cohen is a truly wonderful teacher. Every day she brings joy and a little bit of kindergarten magic to my son's class. His love for learning has grown since being in her class as well as his academic skills. She goes above and beyond for her students and we hope she knows how much our family appreciates her. My son's first year of elementary school has been a complete success because of Mrs. Cohen's experience as a teacher and her warmth and love that she shares with everyone." -- Angela, parent at Westlake Elementary.

Is there a CVUSD Educator, Administrator or Staff Member that you'd like to shine a light on? We want to hear from you! Complete our online submission form here.

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