CVUSD Spotlight for April: Educators, Staff & Students Highlighted by YOU!

Last month, we launched an online submission form where you can share information with us about a CVUSD educator, administrator, staff member, student, student group, club, team or community partnership that has made a special impact on you or your student. It’s called “Shine a Spotlight,” and we are proud to share some of the submissions we have received this month:

"Brian Jiang's enthusiasm for learning is an inspiration and so is his kindness. He is eager to help and respectful towards everyone. I feel privileged to know this ethical, diligent, and cheerful young man. Thank you, Brian." - Kacy, Educator at Los Cerritos Middle School.

 "Nathan Snider is an outstanding school counselor who has really made a difference in so many of our students’ lives. He truly cares about the kids and has repeatedly gone above and beyond for so many that are going through a tough time. After the Borderline tragedy, he helped support our staff, students, and families with empathy and kindness. He is an amazing person and educator and we feel so blessed to have him on campus." - Teachers at Weathersfield Elementary.

"I want to say thank you to my teacher Mr. Doug MacDonald. Mr. MacDonald is nice, funny, and patient. He teaches us a lot of important things. I love when he tells us stories and when he plays his guitar and sings. I like to talk to him about sports and Survivor too. Thank you for being a great teacher." - Lincoln, Student at Lang Ranch Elementary.

"I would like to highlight Elise Huff and Jessica Moore. I transferred over two years ago and they have welcomed me as part of their team. They are always willing to share new ideas and are receptive to ideas that I bring to the table. During planning time they are helpful and supportive and as a team we work to make our school a great place to work at. In conclusion, I am happy to be working at Earth’s Magnet School with them." - Brian, Teacher at Earth's Magnet.

"I’d like to shine a bright spot light on Ms Jenna Davis at Thousand Oaks High School! Ms Davis has been my children's counselor for the last few years and her caring ways, incredible attention to detail and awe-inspiring dedication to helping her students has impressed me beyond words. She works tirelessly to give each of her students their best academic path and supports them throughout their high school years. She goes above and beyond her job duties and always makes time for students with questions; even at her busiest times of year. Thank you, Ms Davis for being the best counselor around!" - Justine, Parent at Thousand Oaks High School.

"Joelle Ortiz, Kindergarten teacher at Lang Ranch. She is such a wonderful, engaged and special teacher and we are so lucky to be in her class! She goes above and beyond for her students on a daily basis and should definitely be recognized for this." - Dana, Parent at Lang Ranch Elementary.

"There's a very thoughtful 7th grade student at Colina Middle School named Stella Chudleigh who began a non-profit called 100 Girls Who Care. She has inspired girls in grades 4-12th to seek out local non-profits, thoroughly research, interview, present, and vote on one to donate to. The chosen non-profit comes to the meeting to receive a donation, made of of funds the girls have earned, and speak to these incredible young women about the difference they are making. As Stella nears high school she's offering her younger sister a legacy to continue and for the younger generations to follow. Stella reminds me that youth today are capable of great things and have the power to promote good within their community. She's such a natural she may not even realize how vast her positive ways are spreading. I want to thank her for being a true leader and encouraging more than just my fourth grader to attend the next meeting and offer a powerful population a way to make a big impact in our Conejo Valley." - Michelle, Educator at Colina Middle School.

Is there a CVUSD Educator, Administrator or Staff Member that you'd like to shine a light on? Is there a student, student group, club, team, or community partnership with CVUSD that you'd like to share a special story about? We want to hear from you! Complete our online submission form here.

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