CVUSD Spotlight for March: Educators, Staff & Students Highlighted by YOU

At the start of this month we launched an online submission form where you can share information with us about a CVUSD educator, administrator, staff member, student, student group, club, team or community partnership that has made a special impact on you or your student. It’s called “Shine a Spotlight,” and we are proud to share some of the submissions we have received this month:

“I would like to highlight Marcia Lynn for her outstanding teaching in first grade. My daughter is a new student to EARThS, and Mrs. Lynn helped her make the transition beautifully. Mrs. Lynn provides an enriching, rigorous, and loving educational experience for her students, and it's exciting to watch all of the kids flourish, especially my daughter. It is an honor to witness her teach and to be a part of her classroom community.” – Carrie, Parent, EARThS Magnet School

“My daughters' teacher (Kim Fontanilla): Both of my daughters have had this wonderful teacher who is patient, kind, organized, down to earth, REAL, not afraid to admit when she's wrong, gentle-hearted, firm but fair... the list goes on and on! She is a former sergeant in the military but as a teacher is as gentle as a flower! She was amazing when my older daughter had her two years ago and hasn't changed a bit now that my younger daughter has her as her teacher. I cannot say enough amazing things about this teacher. She will be the one that we talk about for a lifetime :)” – Parent, Wildwood Elementary School 

“KC Butcher is the most caring, uplifting teacher my own children have had. She shines her light everyday in the classroom and makes all her kids feel so loved.” – Lisa, Parent, Los Cerritos Middle School

“Serena, a 7th grade student at Redwood Middle School, placed 2nd overall on March 2, 2019 in the Scripps Ventura County Spelling Bee sponsored by SAGE Publications” – Nancy Joly-Cause, English Department Chair, Redwood Middle School

“"[Kids] don't remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are." -Jim Henson. In years to come, my son may not remember the details of his 100th Day of Kindergarten, learning to read or to count to 100, but he will always remember the perseverance, patience, Compassion, and kindness Mrs. Logan demonstrated to him everyday. Mrs. Logan experienced great personal sorrow this year, but handled it with grace, vulnerability, and honesty. As such, my son has learned a valuable lesson that it is possible to grieve, rebuild, and grow; a lesson that was imperative when his beloved dog died. Mrs. Logan was a major source of comfort and support for him during that time, because it is her nature. She consistently puts in extra effort into her lessons and students. Mrs. Logan differentiates instruction to meet all her students' needs, so they can have a positive first experience in elementary school, and move on with confidence and joy. My husband and I are immensely grateful for Mrs. Logan and the excellent foundation she has provided our son.” – Nicole, Parent, EARThS Magnet School

“As one of the largest teams in The Southern California League of National Interscholastic Cycling Association, Newbury Park High School's mountain bike club has started season 11 as the first place Division 1 team. The league covers grades 6-12 and had more than a thousand participants at the opening race on February 23 and 24th. The Newbury Park High School Mountain Bike Club hosts students from Newbury Park High School, Sequoia, Sycamore, Redwood and Colina Middle Schools as well as independent riders from surrounding high schools. From the middle school races, the team had six racers with a podium finish in their respective categories: Beck 4th, Bryce 3rd, Daniel 3rd, Maia 3rd, Zeke 1st and Mia 1st. The high school racers had nine podium finishers: Freshman Girls Nicole 5th, Sydney 4th, Megan 2nd. Freshman Boys Parker 5th, JV 1 Girls Kamryn 5th, JV 1 boys Cole 4th, JV 2 Girls Ava 5th, JV 2 boys Ido 4th and Varsity Boys Jeremy 5th. The club will participate in three more regular league races with the league finals and state championship in May. Newbury Park High School has finished as the first place Division 1 team in Southern California for the past three years. The team director, Mike Legge is supported with Bobby Langin, Peter Sullivan, Devin Carter, Greg Turner, Christa Lamb and Joe Ventrone as head coaches. With over eighty riders, seven head coaches and more than thirty assistant coaches, this strong team is looking to another fun season of racing.” – Christa Lamb, Teacher, Colina Middle School

“Rachel Guyette is so in tune with the students and truly cares about their success. Century Academy is lucky to have her.” – Lisa, Parent, Century Academy

“I would like to shine a spotlight on Kelsey Custodio. This teacher is always willing to cover classes, even at the last minute, when we need the assistance. This assistance is often needed for IEP meetings, which involve many parties. Thank you, Kelsey, for being such an awesome team player! You are a great asset to Colina Middle School.” – Molly Dalsass, Teacher, Colina Middle School

“I'd like to highlight Redwood social science department chair Laura Detweiler. Mrs. Detweiler is simply the most awe-inspiring teacher I've ever watched. She works tirelessly, running and developing WEB (Where Everybody Belongs), Redwood's ASB classes, Redwood's new EDGE program, leadership meetings, department meetings, professional developments, and her Honors students with passion and love. Her students love her, her fellow staff members love her, and everyone who is affected by her devotion and passion come away changed. And somewhere in there she finds time to bake the world's best brownies for nearly every event.” – Zachary Snow, Teacher, Redwood Middle School

Is there a CVUSD Educator, Administrator or Staff Member that you'd like to shine a light on? Is there a student, student group, club, team, or community partnership with CVUSD that you'd like to share a special story about? We want to hear from you! Complete our online submission form here.

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