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You asked – we answered: A follow-up to the January 14th educational workshop on the topic of vaping & cannabis

On Tuesday, January 14, 2020 parents/guardians and children twelve years of age and older were invited to attend an educational workshop that discussed the topic of Vaping & Cannabis. More than 300 individuals attended the event, which was held in the Thousand Oaks High School Performing Arts Center. Presentations from the Ventura County Behavioral Health Alcohol and Drug Programs, Ventura County Sheriffs Department and Los Robles Regional Medical Center took place.

You may view the slide deck from the January 14th event evening by clicking on the image below, or clicking here:


Additionally, at the conclusion of the January 14th presentation, questions relating to the below topics were submitted by attendees, which District leaders have provided answers to below:

Q: Are vaping devices allowed to be used at CVUSD schools?

 A: Vaping devices are not permitted on CVUSD campuses. The District follows Education Code 48900 (h) as it related to devices discovered on campus.

Q: Is the police department or County of Ventura providing our schools with funding or extra staff support to help them face the increasingly difficult challenge of keeping school restrooms and school campuses smoke-free, now that marijuana is so easy to obtain in our area?

 A: In partnership with the City of Thousand Oaks, School Resource Officers are provided to help monitor and keep our campuses safe.

Q: How are CVUSD schools monitoring, and taking action to help prevent vaping or the exchanging of materials on school grounds?

A: School site Administrators, School Resource Officers, and a multitude of Campus Safety Assistants help in monitoring students actions and keeping our campuses safe during the school day, and during extra-curricular activities.

Q: What are school sites doing to educate kids about vaping, smoking, etc. in school?

 A: The District participates in the Tobacco Use Prevention and Education (TUPE) program, which provides direct instruction and presentations by county and community resources to inform students of the dangers of these behaviors and to aid in the prevention of students engaging in vaping and smoking.

Q: Does CVUSD provide a mandatory school-wide awareness presentation for all students to attend during the school day?

 A: Through the Tobacco Use Prevention and Education (TUPE) program the District provides presentations during the school day to students in the 8th and 10th grades.  This year’s presentations will be held in March with a corresponding evening event on Thursday, March 19, 2020.

Q: If a student receives an e-cigarette device from another student at school, are there any sanctions for the student who provided the device?

 A: Should a situation like this occur, when the school is able to determine who provided a device to another student, the school will follow California Education Code 48900 (d) in response.

Q: Has CVUSD sought out students’ input to understand from them what info would make a difference for them, and turn them off to vaping/smoking?

A: This is a topic that will be addressed with our Student District Advisory Committee at a future general SDAC meeting.

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