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CVUSD's Child Nutrition Team Hosts First School-wide Taste Test

Students have their voices heard when it comes to new cafeteria food options

CVUSD’s Child Nutrition Department is showing students the value of voting power – with its first ever school-wide taste test!

Banyan cafeteriaBanyan Elementary hosted the inaugural taste test with all students in grades K-5 having the opportunity to participate and have their voices heard.

“Before we put new items on our menus, we want to try it at our schools first,” said Virginia Beck, Director of Child Nutrition.

The item up for student voter approval: Raisels.

Raisels are California grown and packed golden raisins – they have no added sugar and eating a serving of Raisels is equivalent to eating half a cup of fruit.

Members of the Child Nutrition team passed out plastic containers with the snack to all willing student taste testers. After students finished tasting their snack, they were asked to raise their hand if they enjoyed it.

By a landslide, the majority of students who tasted the snack raised their hands, which means Raisels will likely soon be a new snack option in elementary school cafeterias across the Conejo.

The taste test ended with some sound advice for students, “Eat your fruits, eat your vegetables, and stay hydrated.”

The next taste test will take place at Colina Middle School, and the item students will be asked to try is: Sriracha chicken.

Cafeteria manager with raiselsstudents with raisels

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