Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten

Transitional Kindergarten is a developmental, hands on instructional program. Transitional Kindergarten Common Core Standards are taught and mastery of the standards is expected by the end of the school year. Teachers promote meaningful connections across subject matter and involve students in integrated educational experiences. Assessments will occur throughout the year to track progress.

TK is the first year of a two-year Kindergarten program. Upon completion of TK, students promote to Kindergarten at their Neighborhood School. TK helps prepare students for educational success in Kindergarten and beyond. 

TK hours are the same as Kindergarten.

TK will be available at Acacia, Aspen, Conejo, Cypress, Glenwood, Madrona, Walnut, Weathersfield, Westlake and Westlake Hills elementary schools (subject to change based on enrollment) for children born between 7/1/2013 to 12/2/2013.

Students born between 7/1/2013 and 9/1/2013 are eligible for either TK or Kindergarten. Students born between 9/2/2013 and 12/2/2013 are only eligible for TK. 

Kindergarten Round-up for the 2018/2019 school year begins on February 1, 2018; this is the time to register your kindergartner at their “neighborhood school.”

To determine your assigned neighborhood school, please use our “Street Index” and “School Locator” map.

Students who will be five years of age by 9/1/2018 (No exceptions)

First Grade Age 6 by 9/1/2018

A School Choice Application must be submitted if you want to enroll your student in kindergarten at a school other than your neighborhood school (Find your neighborhood school via our “Street Index” and “School Locator” map). Applications will be available to complete online beginning January 3, 2018 and must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on February 1, 2018 for inclusion in the lottery. If you apply for School Choice and the application is approved, then the registration documents will be forwarded from your neighborhood school to the approved school.