FAQ for Regular Classified and Certificated Employees

At this time, the school will continue to be closed to students and activities through June 30, 2020.

Yes. Essential employees as notified by their department/site administrator, may be assigned to report to work in order to provide essential services for continued business operations and/or to secure the safety of District facilities.

All employees are deemed on-call during District closure in order to be eligible to be in paid status during the closure. As the need arises, District administration may recall employees to duty to perform essential services, as deemed necessary.

Employees who were otherwise available for work during the planned designated closure period, will be eligible for “emergency” paid leave. Employees who were on continuing leave of absence (e.g. medical, maternity/parental, vacation, bereavement), and/or a planned leave of absence outside the control of the District, will be eligible for paid leave against one’s own designated leave balances.

If you believe yourself to be eligible for emergency leave, the leave of absence should be marked with LE for the days in question.

Employees holding recurring substitute assignments, designated as long-term for a specific vacancy and/or an absent employee with an extended absence, will be eligible for compensatory pay for missed substitute hours.

Employees whose positions provide a direct service to students are required to take vacation, on the days that are not marked as non-paid/non-work days on their respective work year calendars. School site employees who normally take vacation during spring break are still expected to adhere to that norm.

Sick leave and/or personal necessity scheduled during the closure dates will not be compensatory time. Employees will be eligible for paid leave against one’s own designated leave balances.

All employees should be accessing District email daily during the closure period to respond to any time sensitive emails and to stay up to date with any ongoing communication from the District administration.

District administration will make every effort to be sensitive to child care needs, and explore work alternatives if practical. Likewise, effort will be made for providing advance notice whenever possible.

Limited access will be granted to teachers for retrieval of necessary instructional materials. Essential classified and certificated staff as notified by their supervisor will be called to report to duty.

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When schools are closed for any reason, we work with the County and State regarding whether or not days will need to be made up. At this time the CDE has not issued communication that would require school districts to make up any missed school days due to potential COVID-19 school closures. CVUSD will keep the school community apprised on this topic.

Based on the length of school closure, shifts in assessment and grading periods for both elementary and secondary levels will be adjusted and communicated to students, staff, and families. Assessment requirements will also be considered and adjusted.

No. Independent Study shall not continue when school is not in session. Home Hospital Instruction is not permitted on days when school is not in session.

The pilot committee meeting is postponed until further notice.

Please see additional attachment titled “CVUSD Special Ed Timelines FAQ
If you are expecting a hard copy paper paycheck (no direct deposit or change in bank account), please expect it to be mailed to your home address on file with the HR/Payroll Department. All other employees will receive direct deposit to their bank accounts.

Substitute Custodial / Clerical / Other

At this time, the school will continue to be closed to students and activities through May 1, 2020. 

At this time we do not anticipate needing the services of substitute employees for the period of District closure.

For those assigned to long-term assignments, scheduled in advance for at least 5 consecutive business days that fall during the period of District/school closure, compensation for the scheduled work hours will be authorized through timesheet submission. Complete the timesheet just as you would normally, specifying assigned work hours.

The District does not determine eligibility or the amount of unemployment benefits for which one may be entitled to. If filing a claim for Unemployment Insurance benefits, the following address should be written on your claim form:

Conejo Valley Unified School District
PO Box 23020
Oakland, CA 94623-2302

Yes. The district will authorize the use of up to 3 days of accrued sick leave under the Healthy Workplace Families Act of 2014. Please inform the District staff member who authorized the assignment (ie. HR Technician or Custodial Services Supervisor) via email, and include the name of the teacher, school and job number that you were assigned.

Exempt Academic Specialists

If you are a regular specialist with a set schedule of classes that you teach at a site(s), you will be paid for any time that was otherwise scheduled. You will complete a yellow extra time timesheet specifying the hours.

You and the principal will need to review the expectations and any necessary adjustments in lesson delivery.

Substitute Certificated Teachers

A substitute teacher who was offered/accepted a long-term assignment - 5 consecutive school days or more for a specific absent teacher and/or vacancy, will be authorized for compensation for the scheduled days of work.

For substitutes who were assigned to a job(s) for the week of March 16 to 20 and that assignment is less than one week in duration, you are eligible to use accrued sick leave. Remember that the maximum sick leave allotted for one school year is 24 hours. You will only be able to use sick leave if you have not exhausted your 24 hour balance for the school year and you have an accrual balance. If you wish to use your sick leave, please inform Michelle Jenks, HR Technician via email at mjenks@conejousd.org, and include the name of the teacher, school and job number that you were assigned.