What is the GATE District Advisory Council?

Each school has a parent representative who attends monthly meetings with the GATE District Advisory Council. The purpose of these meetings is to provide information about gifted students and the District's GATE program across the district, review general student progress, plan special events during the year, and make recommendations to enhance the program. Attending GATE-DAC meetings and sponsored activities provides you with additional understanding of the District's program and services available to your child. It also gives you the opportunity to meet other parents who have similar challenges and concerns. All GATE parents are asked, on a biannual basis, to complete a survey evaluating their child's experiences with the GATE program. This information is used as a basis for modifying the program for the following school year.

Are you a Gifted and Talented Parent?

Our CVUSD family and community is full of experts that do amazing things...EVERY day! Do you have a special skill set/gift or talent that you can share with our students? We would love to hear from you!!! Contact Stefanie Caswell for volunteer opportunities surrounding your child's home campus.

Meetings & Locations

2018-2019 Meeting Dates and Locations


Horizon Hills MPR, 33 Greta Street, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Sequoia Middle School Auditorium, 2855 Borchard Road, Newbury Park, CA 91320

University Center MPR, 2801 Atlas Avenue, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Council Board Members

Chairperson - Subha Tholudur

Vice Chairperson - Bijaya Eaton

Secretary - Christine Wells

Parliamentarian - Bernard Kuai