Confidential Reporting

If you have, or know someone who has experienced an incident of racism, discrimination, harassment or bullying and you wish to remain anonymous, please complete the Confidential Incident Reporting Form  English     Español

We always encourage individuals to first communicate with adults at their school site.  However, we recognize that for some individuals this is not a path that feels safe or sufficient and therefore the confidential incident report form is available.  Designated central office staff within the Student Services Department receive the confidential reports and will reach out to you (if you provide contact information, though not required) and follow-up on the reports. 

For assistance, please contact Amber Bowman, Coordinator, Student Support Services.

Click here to learn more on reporting incidents of bullying, harassment, intimidation and/or discrimination.

Confidential Support

If a student or family are in need of support, specifically related to experiences with racism, discrimination, harassment and/or bullying, we have designated staff within the Student Services department prepared to provide support (e.g. resources and/or consultation).

To access confidential support, please call 805-494-9367.  Designated staff will provide you with support and/or resources.  Bilingual Spanish available.  

Actions toward Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in CVUSD

Creating a learning environment that promotes access and equity for all students, especially for communities that have historically been marginalized and/or under-represented, is an ongoing pursuit. Hence, a District does not “arrive” at equity. Nonetheless, we feel it is important to share with our community examples of actions CVUSD has taken to create more access and equity. The information shared within each button is not exhaustive and please know by no means is it meant to convey that we have “arrived.” There is much work ahead, yet we hope the information reaffirms to our community that diversity, equity and inclusion is a priority.

Equity Task Force

During the June 2, 2020, Board of Education meeting, Superintendent McLaughlin proposed CVUSD start a new Equity Task Force and received support from the Board of Education members.  Here is a link to Dr. McLaughlin's statements.  Since then, a 15 member Equity Task Force has formed with the first meeting held in September 2020.

The purpose of the Equity Task Force, which is made up of students, parents/guardians, and staff who graciously volunteer their time, is to advise CVUSD on strategies and actions that can help our District become more welcoming, valuing, inclusive, and informed on diversity and equity - with an initial emphasis on racism.  Prior to the formation of the Equity Task Force, there had not been an established forum for our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community to constructively engage with CVUSD and have their unique voices heard.  Over the course of this inaugural year, it is evident our Equity Task Force members are equally passionate about other communities who have historically experienced discrimination and/or marginalization - and advocate on behalf of all communities.

Because the purpose of the Equity Task Force is to advise, the responsibility of implementation and taking action is with CVUSD employees.  CVUSD also wants to convey to our community members that efforts towards diversity, equity and inclusion requires a coalition and the Equity Task Force is only one of several paths towards this work.  For more information on how you can contribute, please scroll down to the section "How you can help" and/or scroll up to "Actions toward Diversity Equity and Inclusion in CVUSD" to see other efforts.

Click Here to learn more information about the formation of our inaugural Equity Task Force, meeting dates, topics, etc.

Click Here to visit the Equity Task Force webpage and learn more about the Equity Task Force members.


How you can help

CVUSD is so appreciative of the overwhelming interest to support access and equity efforts within the District. Many of you have reached out and asked “what can I do to help?” Because a local school district is a microcosm of a larger community, we believe there are many ways you can support our drive towards diversity, equity and inclusion via engagement in the larger community. Below are some examples of actions you might consider that we believe will yield positive results for our students while at school:


If you have any questions regarding CVUSD’s pursuit of diversity, equity and inclusion, please feel free to submit a question here.