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Welcome to Interdistrict Transfer

Conejo Valley Unified School District is a choice destination for education where we are exceptional, without exception for all of our students. 

For decades CVUSD has served hundreds of out-of-district students every school year and we value the contributions these students and their families have brought and continue to bring to our schools. Below is important information and the forms required to begin the Interdistrict Transfer process. We look forward to serving you. 

Parents of students who reside outside of CVUSD boundaries who wish to attend a CVUSD school will need to complete an Interdistrict Transfer Agreement. For approval to leave your district the Interdistrict Transfer Agreement form must be obtained from and submitted to your local school district of residence. Your district of residence will forward the approved Interdistrict Transfer Agreement to CVUSD.  

Interdistrict Transfer Agreement (Form) 

Interdistrict Transfer Instructions/ Information Sheet 

Re: Enrollment of Students Residing Outside of CVUSD Boundaries

Out-of-District Students Already Attending CVUSD Schools in 2017/18:

Effective January 1, 2011, AB 2444, incorporated into Education Code 46600, eliminated the requirement for an annual written release from the resident school district and approval from the receiving school district to remain enrolled in the receiving school district. Once released and approved, a student may remain at the approved school through the highest grade level at that school. Parents need to submit an Interdistrict Transfer Agreement “permit” when their child promotes from TK to kindergarten or elementary to middle school or from middle school to high school. For example, a student approved to attend a K-5 elementary school does not need additional approvals until they wish to enter a 6-8 middle school. A student approved for a 6-8 middle school does not need additional approvals until they wish to enter a 9-12 high school. Interdistrict transfers may be revoked at any time due to poor attendance, failure to uphold appropriate behavior standards, and failure to make appropriate academic effort.

Out-of-District Students Who Wish to Attend CVUSD Schools for the First Time in 2017/18:

Pursuant to the afore-mentioned Ed Code and County MOU, out-of-district students who wish to attend a CVUSD school for the first time in 2017/18 must obtain an Interdistrict Transfer Agreement “permit” from their school district of residence and submit the completed permit to their school district of residence. In addition, we are requesting that parents fax (805-373-6981) or email ( a copy of the permit to CVUSD Student Support Services so that we are aware of your desire to attend our schools. If your permit is granted by your resident school district, the original permit must be submitted to CVUSD Student Support Services for approval. However, if your permit is rejected by your resident school district, we want you to be aware that you can appeal that decision to the Ventura County Board of Education. You can receive information on the appeal process from the Ventura County Office of Education, and on their website at

We are now sending approved/denied interdistrict transfers applications through email to help expedite the process. Please be sure to include your email address on the application. All supporting documentation can be sent through email, fax, mail or in person.

Interdistrict Appeal
Ventura County Board of Education
Interdistrict Appeal Process
Public Information Brochures
How to File an Appeal

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Interdistrict transfer into CVUSD
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Timeline for elementary school interdistrict transfers for 2017/18 School Year
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Timeline for middle school interdistrict transfers for 2017/18 School Year
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Timeline for high school interdistrict transfer for 2017/18 School Year
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Interdistrict transfers out of CVUSD
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2017/18 - Completed interdistrict applications will be processed as they are received beginning in March.

Many CVUSD schools often have wait lists comprised of in-district students following the intradistrict school choice process. Interdistrict transfer requests for these schools may receive an approval/denial very late in the summer or just prior to the beginning of the 2017/18 school year.
Parents/guardians are welcome to attend high school or middle school information/orientation nights while interdistrict transfer requests are being processed.      
Parents/guardians are welcome to tour any of our elementary schools. Please call the individual school for more information and tour availability.

Non-resident students cannot register, obtain a registration packet or select a class schedule until the interdistrict transfer application has been approved. Selected schools' enrollment is impacted, applications will be placed on a wait list by the date the completed application is received (this includes the interdistrict transfer application, even if it is not yet approved by your district of residence) and all supporting documentation.

*Remember: the following supporting documentation is required for ALL applications:
  • Rationale for transfer request
  • Student's full transcript (high school), recent grades
  • Attendance report
  • Behavior report

Once applications begin to be processed, please allow for two weeks time to pass. Parents/guardians will receive a response by e-mail. If an e-mail address has not been included in the transfer request, parent/guardians will receive a response via U.S. Mail. The approved applications are also sent to the school requested and to the district of residence. Once approved permits are received, parents and students should visit their selected school to register. You will be contacted by e-mail or phone if there are any questions regarding your application.

For further information, please email Maria Chavez at in the Student Support Services.