Welcome to the Facilities listing for bidding opportunities

This page is intended to provide vendors who are doing business with the District or would like to do business with the District with current information on projects and our contracting requirements. Listed below are the projects that we have out for bid and the projects that are currently underway. We will be adding more information to this page so please visit often. Feel free to send us your questions, comments, and suggestions for making this page more useful to you at dhanna@conejousd.org. It is our intent to be an "owner of choice" for contractors doing business in the Conejo Valley.


Bidding Opportunities

ProjectSiteJob WalkDue DateUpload 1Upload 2Upload 3Upload 4Upload 5
Library ModernizationThousand Oaks HSOctober 9, 2018November 5, 2018TOH Bid Results.pdfTOH Dwgs Library Mod1c.pdfTOH Specs Library Mod.pdfTOH ADD 1 10.09.18.pdfTOH ADD 2 REVISED 10.25.18.pdf
Library Modernization - Bldg K AbatementThousand Oaks HSOctober 26, 2018November 2, 2018TOH Bid Results Abatement.pdfTOH Sign-In Abatement.pdfTOH Ahera 2016 Report.pdf  
Landscape BeautiicationGlenwood ESOctober 18, 2018November 5, 2108GLN Bid Results.pdfGLN Dwgs Landscape Beautification.pdfGLN Specs Landscape Beautification.pdfGLN SI Landscape MP1819-30.pdfGLN Add 1 Lndscp Beaut.pdf
Outdoor Learning - Landscape BeautificationMadrona ESOctober 25, 2018November 13, 2018MAD BR Outdoor Lrng.pdfMAD Drwgs Outdoor Learning Landscape.pdfMAD Specs Outdoor Lrng Lndscpe.pdfMAD SI Outdoor Lrng.pdf 
PublicTelevision Equipment UpgradesNPH TOH WHS and CVUSD Board RoomNovember 26, 2018December 14, 201800 01 00 - NC Public Television Equip.pdfPEG Drawings.pdfPEG Specifications.pdfPEG Sign In.pdf 
California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (CUPCCAA)District WideN/AJanuary 30, 2019UPCCAA Annual Ad 2018.pdf